Using Proclaim to work smarter on Precedent H budget preparation

JMW Solicitors LLP is one of the North West’s leading law firms with a team of talented, committed and dedicated professionals all working together to offer a comprehensive range of legal services.

With the emphasis on quality and efficiency, the firm was keen to make the best use of technology in order to meet these key objectives. As a result the decision was made to introduce an environment where the use of paper is greatly reduced with all documents and information being held in their case management system Proclaim; provided by Eclipse Legal Systems.

Whilst this new way of working is incredibly beneficial to the staff at JMW as it makes information easily accessible it became apparent that to send files to a firm of costs draftsmen could involve printing out the whole file. This involved not only time but also unnecessary use of paper. JMW therefore looked for a firm of costs draftsmen who could receive files electronically.

Neat Legal Services, one of the leading firms of law costs draftsmen in the UK, introduced the ability to receive electronic files from clients in order to improve service delivery through swifter production of bills and budgets.

As Neat Legal Services accept files electronically, and also use Proclaim, they were selected by the Clinical Negligence Team at JMW to produce their Precedent H budgets as on top of the speed of file transfer it meant staff are able to retain their file whilst a budget is being prepared.

JMW’s Proclaim system is now setup to enable a solicitor to send a file to Neat Legal Services at the click of a button making it both easy and quick to pass information securely from one firm to another.

Benefits to JMW:

Speed – no need to wait for a physical file to be moved
Efficient – no need to print out the file
Stress free – JMW fee earners retain their file as it is a copy which is sent to Neat Legal Services
Fast turnaround – Neat Legal Services are able to start work immediately a file is received

Eddie Jones, Head of Clinical Negligence Department at JMW said, “From the solicitor’s perspective sending a file to Neat Legal Services is effortless. All it takes is the click of a button and it’s done and we still have our file to refer to whilst a budget is being prepared.”

Future plans between the two firms include introducing an electronic budget monitoring service.

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